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This agreement between Outer Banks Photography Inc. and the parties listed below, and will clearly state the terms of service, the cost and payment terms, the dates and times, the amount of product referring to photographs, negatives and any other related photographic products.

Your signature gives Outer Banks Photography Inc. permission to use any or all photographs for promotional purposes with or without possession of negatives. A letter to Outer Banks Photography Inc. from parties listed below requesting certain photographs not be used for promotional purposes will be reviewed by Outer Banks Photography with respect and integrity. Both parties will have original signed copies.

Outer Banks Photography Inc. reserves the right to refuse service for any reason. Outer Banks Photography Inc. will be professional, courteous & dress properly and have lots of fun that's our promise.

This agreement and your deposit will serve as your receipt for monies paid. 

Wedding Date: _____________
 Time of Day: _____________
Wedding Location (address):  __________________
Estimated number of Guests: ________________
Package Requested: ____________________ _______________________________________  Total Price: _____

Home Address: _________________________________________________________

Home Phone : (___) _______________
      Other: (___) _______________
Cell Phone: (___) _______________
     Other: (___) _______________

Name of Bride: ____________________

Signature: (X) ___________________________

Name of Groom: ___________________ Signature: (X) ___________________________


  (Vincent Gross) Outer Banks Photography: (X) ________________________________